KEENALYST: Co-working & Consultancy is a skill supporting consultancy firm provides idea and knowledge supports to individuals and groups in private and public sectors. It is one of most competitive outsourcing firm for its innovative services. KEENALYST is expert in research, training and business content creation arena by maintaining the most standard quality. It improves the development through analysis, research, planning and development for the project growth and profitability.

Shahriar Ahmed is the founder of KEENALYST; obsessed for attending the people to meet their goals. Shahriar/KEENALYST is a hub of one stop service solution that accessible for all parties to undertake the responsibilities with the requirements from any corner of the world.


Effort – Efficacy – Excellence

If anyone asks that what KEENALYST is, these three words must be the answer. KEENALYST is your true associate who pushes your thought from dream to determination.


KEENALYST: Co-working & Consultancy has made the step with an aim to elevate the advisory support in all possible areas. It seeks ways to do things in the most efficient manner but changes must also add value. It fosters for precise solutions for the clients through proficient performance.

As a consultative body, the foremost ambition of KEENALYST is to help people to develop their small or medium scale projects. Along with this, it also commits:

  • To customize the content into useful information
  • To involve sector related materials writing
  • To integrate the idea, planning, resourcing and evaluating
  • To facilitate the insight and increase the growth hacking

KEENALYST provides high quality co-working services which will enhance the competence that results to continuous progressive transformation.