– Business Analysis –

KEENALYST analyzes and designs the business services from the newly started to struggling enterprises for overcoming the obstacles by improving their productivity as well as increased profitability. It helps to recover the performance, its access to markets and its ability to compete. The service includes a wide range of both strategic and operational. As a co-working partner, KEENALYST will spin to redefine the business voice, motto and purpose. From there, we carefully choose colors and words that will represent the components boldly. KEENALYST enables the business project to scale up and improve the operations, ultimately preparing them to get the investment. In support of small and upgrading enterprises, KEENALYST’s services refer to the transfer of knowledge, skills, information, advice and non-financial assistance.

KEENALYST offers the solutions of:

  • Business Naming and Tagline/Punch line Development
  • Goal, Mission and Visionary Framework
  • Business/Company Profiling
  • Brochure, Flyer, Leaflet
  • Product/Service Review
  • Marketing Material
  • Business Proposal
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Report
  • Annual Report
– Policy Design –

KEENALYST offers to design and develop the operational policy for the organization to enhance the performance. Policy design helps to manage the rapid change of the internal and external environment, and brings the processes under a disciplined boundary. Policy always gives the uniformed look in a workplace. It reflects the dos and don’ts with the flow of proper clarification. Properly designed policy facilitates the monitoring and tracking system within the organization.

 KEENALYST offers the solutions of: 

  • Communication Policy
  • Marketing Policy
  • Branding Policy
  • Vendor Management Policy
  • Procurement Policy
  • HR/Talent Acquisition Policy
  • Gender Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
– Learning Management –

KEENALYST designs and supports the instructional contents development of training and workshop for different levels of incumbents as well as trainees. Beside this, it revises all kinds of facilitating materials to smoothen the sessions as balanced as communicative. By following our instructional design, a professional trainer can make the participants more confident on both theoretical and practical aspects. Any individual or organization can hire KEENALYST to develop their capacity building section either for each of the following separately or for all of the services starts from need assessment to evaluation reporting. KEENALYST works with the valued client as training associate and also facilitating partner.

KEENALYST offers the solutions of:

  • Training need assessment
  • Training strategies
  • Training/workshop proposal
  • Curriculum and syllabus design
  • Training plan and preparation
  • Training module
  • Instructional content development
  • Handout/slide composing
  • Training evaluation design
  • Training evaluation report
  • Feedback analysis
  • Training Report
– Research & Development –

KEENALYST performs research and development services for supporting the knowledge at academic or non-academic format. This service includes the assistance of proposal development, source funding, data dissemination and management of internal and external analytics. This specialized service is designed for any individual, group of professionals, academicians, non-academics, corporate, non-corporate, profitable, commercial and non-profit personnel. R&D service enables to make a standard to extract the information to create new and developing the existing knowledge. KEENALYST supports in academic research and innovation by working collaboratively with academic and non-academic stakeholders and providing expertise in research project management.

KEENALYST offers the solutions of:

  • Concept Paper
  • Research Proposal
  • Research Design
  • Research Abstract
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Research Calculation
  • Research Findings
  • Research Report
  • Reference and Citation
  • Research Articles